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by Parisa Akhbari ~ Releasing Spring 2024 ~ Dial Books for Young Readers/Penguin Random House

Read the Publishers Weekly rights report here.

For five years, Mitra Esfahani and her best friend Bea Ortega have been passing a dogeared notebook back and forth, taking turns writing a poem with no end. For introverted Mitra, the sun rises and sets with the ebullient Bea, and she shares absolutely everything with her. Everything except the one thing that has the power to change their entire friendship: the fact that Mitra has fallen in love with Bea.

Told through prose, poetry, and archival text, Just Another Epic Love Poem takes a journey that is in turns joyful, heartbreaking, often funny - and above all, hopeful - as these two friends navigate the changing nature of I love you. 

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